Rose Partners Training and Development Courses

Our safety awareness training and development packages provide attendees with the relevant knowledge and practical skills which will enable them to conduct their business with a thorough understanding of how to effectively reduce any exposure to unnecessary risk.

Our courses are delivered by highly-experienced and highly-qualified Rose Partners instructors from a number of training facilities located in trusted locations across the globe.

Training and development - Risk Management

Our Training Packages

Our training packages combine classroom-based tuition and practical hands-on training covering a range of scenarios and areas of key focus.

Rose Partners’ courses are designed to cater for organisations and individuals, from industries including government and private sectors. Our courses take into consideration the organisation’s (and individual’s) role, cultural differences, individual traveller profiles and the current security situation in the region concerned.

A Tailored Approach

If required, Rose Partners can tailor our courses to reflect a specific location threat, environment or particular business profile. The integration of company policies, procedures, and protocols can also be included with the delivery of a tailored course.

Our courses can also be delivered remotely, utilising interactive online sessions, activities and workshops to ensure critical learning objectives are met. All of our programmes follow a training needs analysis, enabling the design and development of tailored training packages.

Safety Awareness Training Packages

Personal Security – Safety Awareness Training

High Risk – Safety Awareness Training

Female Travellers – Safety Awareness Training

Gap Year – Safety Awareness Training

Defensive Driving – Safety Awareness Training

Aid Workers - Safety Awareness Training

Contractors On Deployed Operations – Safety Awareness Training

Active Assailant - Safety Awareness Training Course

Other Training Packages

Certified Level 3 First Response Emergency Care Course

Security Guard Force Training

SIA Level 3 Close Protection Course

Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers’ Courses

Training and Development

Why Choose Rose Partners?

Rose Partners has an established and proven international footprint giving us extensive insight into global security considerations and operating environments. Our training is designed and mutually supported by our operational knowledge and our regional expertise are provided by our team of threat analysts who ensure our courses are current and the content reflects up-to-date advice and guidance.

Our training management team and qualified subject management expert instructors are committed to delivering the highest-quality training. We account for learner needs and offer multiple methods of learning including discussion, practical demonstration, role-play exercises and workshops.

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