The need for supply chain security

Today’s supply chains are now more vulnerable to a broad range of risks that can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to trade; virtually or physically. Rose Partners‘ supply-chain security consultants have comprehensive experience in securing the value chain, transport and logistics system of cargo and the processes that support them. Their objective is to combine the traditional practices of supply-chain management with the security requirements driven by understanding the threats such as cyber risks, terrorism, piracy, environmental and theft.

Supply chain risk management is becoming a top priority in procurement, as companies lose millions because of supply disruption, intellectual property loss, cost volatility, non-compliance fines and incidents that cause damage to both the organisational brand and its reputation. At Rose Partners we have consultants who have worked across the world in securing complex supply chains.

Managing supply chain risks

Supply disruptions can come from a wide variety of sources, including physical damage at production facilities, natural disasters, strikes and labour disputes, capacity issues, inventory problems, incorrect forecasts and delays. The sourcing and supply of products and services to businesses and consumers is becoming more and more complex and with it, the assessment and management of the associated risk.

All the following factors can cost your organisation tens of millions in sales and hundreds of millions in brand damage. While reputation may only be important for name brands, cost volatility and supply disruption affect all manufacturers.

Supply Chain - Ports

How we work with clients

We leverage our experience in securing supply chains to identify any potential weaknesses in a client’s system.

Overall, organisational risk management practices are then created to address vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We work closely using our extensive network of global contacts in government and commercial organisations to ensure collaboration and best practice with third-party logistics providers to ensure we can provide a truly end-to-end security solution for the value chain.

We specialise in

Threat, risk and vulnerability assessment of your supply chain

Security planning and process development and auditing

Cyber security of the supply chain

Supply chain security training

Our past work

Our specialist security consultants have a wealth of experience:

We have worked with businesses in complex highly regulated sectors on supply chain security, including in the following industries:



Food and drink

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Intellectual property loss


Luxury goods sector

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