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Rose Partners is the world’s preeminent Security Sector Reform (SSR) specialist. With an unmatched depth of experience and expertise, we have a senior leadership team who have operational know-how in the delivery of change management within policing and security.

From the Balkans to the Middle East through to Central and North Africa, our consultants have not only played an active part in their own organisational change programmes but delivered considered success on projects around the world.

Police Reform - Risk Management

Why Rose Partners

Security sector reform is defined as a process of transforming the security sector to strengthen accountability, effectiveness, and respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Naturally, this is a complex and lengthy process, which due to its scale is normally led by the international community supported by many companies and organisations.

Rose Partners has delivered on such programmes around the world, each with their own unique requirements and challenges. However, Rose Partners has also successfully led SSR at a scale unmatched by other companies. This experience sets us apart.


Effective and democratic security delivery is fundamental for reducing poverty and for sustainable economic, social, and political development. SSR’s main objective is to attain an effective, efficient, and well governed security provision system.

SSR aims to ensure that the appropriate level of resources is attributed to the security services so that the rest can be duly invested into social and economic development. At the core of Rose Partners SSR programmes is the trust and confidence of the local policing / security model from the host nation population.

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