Our approach to security risk management

Rose Partners has a wealth of expertise and experience in enterprise security risk management, ranging from the conduct of strategic and operational risk assessments, to the preparation of policies, procedures and plans, as well as managing crises when they occur.

We put the client’s requirements at the forefront of everything we do and our dynamic approach enables us to build tailored teams with the relevant experience and expertise for the task in hand.

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The services we provide

Risk Management

Rose Partners follow an internationally-accepted risk-assessment methodology to identify and assess threats and vulnerabilities before determining the risks. We have a comprehensive understanding of state and private-sector risks in stable, mature markets, through to high-risk, post-conflict states.

Our team of specialists, including qualified technical security engineers, provide comprehensive assessments of physical and technical security measures along with security management and procedures.

We provide practical risk mitigation advice and enable our clients to meet their duty of care to stakeholders by implementing effective ways to combine security measures that suit specific environments and the legal obligations of a region.

We have a great deal of experience preparing policies, plans and procedures that are consistent with the operating methods of clients and the cultural sensitives of any region our work is carried out.

Risk Management

The services we provide

Crisis Management

Rose Partners has considerable expertise in crisis management planning and when, despite the best preparation, serious incidents occur that threaten the personnel of businesses and their operations, we are able to support clients to manage serious incidents. This includes providing advice on stakeholder and media management.

We specialise in

Conducting security risk assessments in complex threat environments

Providing risk management advice and enabling safe and secure business operations

Preparation of policies, plans and standard operating procedures

Travel security systems

Security by design

Crisis management

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