Enabling organisations to overcome adverse events

We put operational resilience at the core of everything we do because we understand the impact outside forces can have on the day-to-day running of any business, charity or government organisation.

As the global operating environment becomes more complex and interconnected, resilience is now a key agenda for all organisations. Pandemics, cyber security and environmental change have all impacted on our respective businesses to continue operating. These events highlight the shortcomings of traditional risk management and the lack of strategic planning, development of capabilities, tools and training that organisations need to survive and prosper in an age of uncertainty.

How we work

We work closely with our clients to reduce their exposure to risk before improving visibility into interconnected risks for an organisation, both internally and externally. Our specialist teams ensure organisations are adaptable to emerging risks and able to prevent, respond and recover from operational disruptions swiftly and efficiently.

Rose Partners often assist directly with our clients in the development of clearly-defined coordination agreements with third-parties and the development of internal governance frameworks. This ensures operational resilience is incorporated into the operational requirements from the outset, enabling the client to provide essential services in the face of adverse operational events. We understand that resilience planning starts at the company Board level and its success is based on ensuring organisations plan and train to be resilient.

Operational Resilience

Experts in operational resilience

Rose Partners consultants use their relevant business experience to help companies build resilient plans, frameworks and solutions that work in practice, from capability assessments to incident and crisis response training. We understand the importance of resilience within organisations and the reliance on people and systems to deliver services is the difference between a business making it through a crisis or failing.

We recognise that the development of resilient plans will help an organisation to continue to serve its customers, deliver products and services, and protect its workforce in the face of adverse operational events by anticipating, preventing, recovering from, and adapting to such events.

The solutions we provide

Risk, organisational design and governance

Impact tolerance

Strategic communications

Crisis management

Business continuity management

Supply chain resilience

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