Capacity building

Our approach to infrastructure and capacity building

Rose Partners has a pool of highly-qualified and experienced professionals with a range of skills to support infrastructure and capacity building programmes.

We have the capability to put together bespoke teams to support public and private sector programmes in such diverse fields as organisational reform, the development of IT systems and the development of infrastructure such as airports, roads and power generation.

How we work

We consult closely with clients to build world-leading teams tailored to the solution. Most importantly, when supporting long-term infrastructure and capacity building programmes, we assemble teams with the very best specialist skill sets, both in terms of their qualifications and their experience.

In consultation with clients, we establish objectives, milestones and key performance indicators before working to tight project or programme plans that ensure all objectives are delivered as agreed.

We specialise in

Organisational reform programmes

Air traffic control and air traffic engineering

Large residential and office developments

Capacity and capability building

Energy sector and power stations

Digitalisation of organisational processes

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