Cyber security

We mitigate against risks to what our clients value most

Rose Partners understands the exponential risks posed by cyber criminals across the globe. With increasing reliance on information technology (IT) and its growing interconnected complexity, a robust cyber security strategy is vital to ensure operational resilience and the secure operations of any organisation or government body.

Our experts understand the latest trends and threats, are well adept at mitigating against the risks posed to computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft or damage of hardware, software or data, and preventing the disruption or misdirection of IT systems. We understand the important role your employees play in securing your networks and information.

How we work

The client’s requirements are at the forefront of everything we do and all our cyber security work begins with a comprehensive threat and risk assessment. This initial phase of a project allows us to gain valuable insight into where potential risks may sit within an organisation’s IT infrastructure which in turn leads to the vulnerability assessment.

From there we mitigate against these risks by utilising best practice and industry-leading protocols to minimise potential threats and develop operational resilience for our clients. This includes the development or cyber response plans, integrating robust, practical solutions to ensure devices are secure and employees are ‘cyber-aware’ – ensuring they understand the role they play in securing the organisation and understand the latest threats and how to avoid them.

Cyber security

Cyber-Security specialists

Rose Partners has extensive experience in providing scalable and cost-effective solutions to secure our clients IT infrastructure and their valuable information.

From understanding the threats and risk, assessing the vulnerabilities, we recognise what is at risk for our clients and take appropriate technical measures to secure it. These measures fit the needs of our clients’ respective businesses and some of these solutions are not necessarily expensive or onerous. Rose Partners understand that people are usually the weakest point in any information system and procedures, training and awareness, are vital to ensure there is collective responsibility in securing organisation. Everyone knows their role.

Rose Partners supports organisations and individuals in providing a comprehensive security solution by addressing IT security, awareness training, physical and technical security and security policies, procedures and governance.

Cyber-Security response

We consistently review, maintain and upgrade our cyber-security solutions to ensure maximum protection for the IT systems we protect. Rose Partners advocates a zero-trust security posture as a more efficient way for clients to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Cyber incident response planning is a critical success factor is ensuring operational resilience within client IT systems. This work is integral in responding to and mitigating against cyber-attacks and our expert-teams are on-hand to ensure all cyber-security procedures and best practice are being followed. Our robust and practical solutions work to secure all digital access as well as core IT systems and ensure maximum adoption rates across a workforce.

The solutions we provide

We have a team of specialists capable of providing expert advice across the full range of technology security issues facing organisations, including:

Security awareness training

Continuous vulnerability intelligence

Security standards

Vulnerability Testing

Cyber incident response

Compliance services

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