We excel at safeguarding solutions

Rose Partners excels in the identification of threats and the provision of safeguarding solutions.

We are proud to operate with the highest ethical and professional standards as we deliver superior security performance through some of the world’s most robust security programmes.

Our experience and expertise mean we consider all perceived risks, countermeasures, relationships with local communities and compliance with applicable laws.

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Risk management

We work closely with our clients and embed world-class professionals into their structure to facilitate, build and support organisational capabilities. From there we consistently assess our delivery to ensure our work recognises and supports the overall goals.

Our dynamic and agile approach to each project ensures we provide the correct sector experts in risk assessment safeguard solutions, investigations and security of personnel, assets, information and reputation. In short, we guarantee a tailored solution.

Facilitating growth

An integral element of any project is our ability to grow relationships and partnerships, both internally and externally, to maximise the value that Rose Partners’ security functions provide to the oil and gas industry.

We work closely with all stakeholders to deliver client objectives and ensure a smooth, efficient running of all our operations and security programmes. We’re proud of the relationships we build and the feedback we generate.

How we work

Rose Partners works directly with an organisation, project managing and designing our services from the ground up to integrate physical security solutions.

Our rigorous management strategies ensure all security efforts are focused on high-risk consequence operations that directly align with the business objectives. From there we implement risk-based physical, technical and procedural security program safeguards, ensuring proper mitigation measures are in place.

We specialise in

Building organisation capability

Enabling safe and secure operations and project execution

Identification and assessment of emerging threats

Project planning and execution

Business development, including country assessment and entry

Scenario planning, crisis management

Work with us

Geopolitical and Threat Assessment

Our analysis allows our clients to make informed business decisions. We can support existing operations or project manage from inception and will advise through multiple levels of a business.

Security Risk Program

We are proud to mitigate risk across the globe with security management reviews, embedded consultants, security awareness training, security incident analytics and executive protection.

Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

Rose Partners are experts in evacuation planning, emergency drills and exercises, security-level system reviews, travel security and personnel accountability and scenario planning.


Whether it is theft, fraud, conflict of interest or policy violations, we’ll ensure a safe and fair investigation followed by swift, efficient and considered solutions.

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