Aviation and aerospace experts

Rose Partners has supported the aviation and aerospace sectors in a number of challenging deployments internationally.

Utilising expert advice, Rose Partners’ approach is to help refine and then meet client aviation requirements, often through the offices of expert local partners.

Our service lines include Air Traffic Control and airport equipment provision, communications, navigation and surveillance solution provision, as well as the implementation and integration of airport and cyber security services.


We excel in aviation civil engineering

Rose Partner’s development of airports includes works to extend and upgrade runway systems, the construction of new terminals, aprons and associated civil engineering works and the installation and upgrade of air traffic control towers and the associated navaids and weather systems. Our aim is always to provide solutions to meet operational needs, including training provision, rather than simply installing equipment.

Our aerospace systems, communications, and surveillance experience

We have experience implementing a wide range of systems including Air Traffic Control systems (ATC), naviads, radars, landing systems and lighting systems associated technologies, such as automated weather monitoring systems. We also have extensive experience of implementing advanced communication, navigation and surveillance systems (CNS) including VOR, DME, ATIS and AFTN.


Ensuring airports are safe and secure

Rose Partners will work with you to ensure that your facilities are protected and secure, and that your data systems are not vulnerable to attack.

We provide resilience and redundancy in the form of backups and contingency solutions as well as monitoring and predicting any cyber-security risks.

How we work

We respond to client requests such as invitations to tenders or single-sourced enquires on an individual, bespoke basis. The invitation is processed through the Rose Partners bid management system to ensure we understand the clients’ needs and that we can recommend optimal solutions.

This might be utilising well-known equipment, commonly found at most airports or using more specialist digital solutions such as GPS based navigation, CCTV or distributed cybersecurity systems.

We specialise in

Military Aerospace

ATC (Air Traffic Control)

Airport security

Equipment renewal and upgrades

CNS (Communication Navigation Surveillance)

Digital systems and processes

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