• Client A Government Organisation
  • Year 2019
  • Location Somaliland
  • Category Executive Protection

A client of Rose Partners had arranged to travel to Hargeisa, Somaliland, to conduct business meetings with various political and economic officials serving in the regional parliament. The client had concerns regarding the current situation within Somaliland and had requested that Rose Partners provide security support for the duration of their visit. 

Rose Partners’ proposed support involved providing security briefings, security awareness training, executive protection, secure transport and emergency response should the need arise. This consisted of deploying an executive protection security coordinator and four executive protection security operators (including one medic), plus security vehicles and drivers to accompany the client group throughout the duration of their trip to Somaliland. A chartered aircraft was also arranged to travel to and from Hargeisa. 

The executive protection team were able to deploy to the client’s embassy in Addis Ababa and prepare the travellers for their upcoming trip by providing intelligence updates for the Somaliland region as well as instructing them on emergency procedures. Two executive protection team members deployed early to prepare for the main body’s arrival. The executive protection security coordinator then travelled with the main body and accompanied the travellers to Somaliland. Once the team and the travellers had joined up, the group were able to successfully attend all their meetings and return within a day, all without incident. 

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