• Client A celebrity residence
  • Year 2019
  • Location United Kingdom
  • Category Security Risk Management

Technical Security Measures For A Celebrity Residence

Following an enquiry by a leading architect, Rose Partners were asked to develop discrete but effective technical security measures to be integrated into the reconstruction of a celebrity residence.

Rose Partners carried out a focused risk assessment to determine the particular security needs of the client and his family and deployed a qualified technical security specialist to the site to ascertain the particular physical and technical security measures that should be combined to deliver the appropriate security outcome, consistent with planning regulations. This included: fencing and gates; locks, doors and window specifications; security cameras and associated recording equipment; lighting; and security alarms – including determining the type of response to activated alarms.

The proposed physical and technical solution was discussed with the client. Following the client’s agreement, a set of mark-up drawings were prepared using the architect’s plans, with location and performance requirements of physical and electronic security measures. Supporting specifications were then prepared in sufficient detail to guide the installation of security systems and installation work was monitored to ensure that it was carried out to standard.

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