• Client A global technology company
  • Year 2019
  • Location United States of America
  • Category Operational Security, Close Protection

Rose Partners was engaged by a global technology company to support a Board meeting on the West Coast of the United States. The services requested were meet and greet, executive protection and a counter-espionage exercise to ensure the integrity of the planned three-day Board meeting at a hotel venue. Given the nature of the sensitive information and technology that the company is engaged in creating and manufacturing, great effort is placed on ensuring the integrity of confidential meetings and the securing of the digital footprint of the executives when travelling.

Rose’s pre-deployment team arrived at the location three days prior to the planned meeting. The owners of the facility had been asked at the time of booking if there were any other companies attending that could be considered competitors to the client. They advised this was not the case.

On arrival, the Technical Security Counter Measures team discovered that a competitor to the client had indeed booked planned meetings at the venue at the same time. In addition, the team discovered insecure and compromised WiFi; it did not have business class segmentation, Wi-Fi protected access or UTM solutions for public or guest access. The team’s immediate assessment back to the client was that they could not guarantee a secure Board meeting and recommended a move to another location.

Rose Partners, working on behalf of the client, sourced another suitable venue within 24 hours that could be guaranteed as secure, rearranged the entire meet and greet and social program for over 14 travelling Board members and supporting staff, helping deliver the planned Board meeting without incident. Given the high profile of the Chief Executive of the company and other executives, the EP team provided a low-profile and discrete package that the client described as “non-intrusive and enabling”.

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