• Client A multinational oil company
  • Year 2018
  • Location Nigeria
  • Category Extractives, Security Risk Management

Nigeria Security Risk Assessment

A multinational company listed on the London Stock Exchange, engaged Rose Partners at the beginning of 2018 to carry out a comprehensive review of security arrangements for their significant onshore oil producing operations in Nigeria.

The review required:

  • an assessment of the risks faced by the client at their corporate office in Lagos and in operational areas in southern Nigeria
  • an assessment of the way in which security was managed and the security measures that the client had in place;
  • the suitability and effectiveness of their local guard force 
  • the appropriateness of engaging Nigerian police support for local journeys and an assessment of alternative ways of delivering local travel security for personnel

Rose Partners deployed a Nigeria-based consultant who had extensive experience of the security environment in the country and a UK-based specialist with a good knowledge of risk methodology, governance and international best practice relevant to the client’s operations. We also provided follow-up support to implement the recommendations we made.

The client provided a written testimonial indicating that they were impressed by the calibre of the Rose Partners consultants and the quality of the report they produced, which, they said, provided sound, practical advice. The client expressed appreciation for the on-going support to help implement the recommendations made by Rose Partners.

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