• Client International Advertising Company
  • Year 2016
  • Location High-risk region
  • Category Executive Protection

International Advertising Company’s Board Visit to a High-Risk Region

Following a consultation period and detailed evaluation, Rose Partners recommended executive protection support to a client whose board members were travelling to a high-risk location. The solution was broken into four phases:

Pre-advance (Reconnaissance)

Rose Partners deployed a team prior to the travellers’ arrival in order to confirm pre-advance details including all logistical support required to ensure the success of the trip, including:

  • The security and suitability of accommodation and venues
  • Ensuring Rose Partners’ local vehicles and drivers were prepared
  • Communications planning
  • Carried out reconnaissance of all venues, transportation routes and locations to be used
  • Identified safe havens in the event of an emergency
  • Determined specific security requirements and journey management
  • Developed detailed emergency response procedures to mitigate the impact of possible events that may have occurred during the visit
  • Pre-trip liaison with local administrative bodies, police/armed forces and other officials
  • Confirmed the details of the medical evacuation plans, ensuring they were commensurate to the existing threat

The team were able to use this time to build upon the tailored and detailed plans, ensuring they were specific to this deployment and to the travellers’ itinerary. Concurrently, the travellers attended Personal Security Safety Awareness Training (PS-SAT) course conducted by Rose prior to deployment.

Meet and greet of travellers

Rose Partners’ team met the travellers after they cleared immigration, at which point they came under the discrete security umbrella the team provided. The travellers were then transferred to their hotel using Rose’s security team vehicles and drivers. Upon arrival, they were assisted with hotel check-in and provided with a brief in-country familiarisation.

Escort and meetings

The travellers were able to conduct their daily routine with the support of Rose Partners’ team, which:

  • Offered expert advice and assistance throughout the trip
  • Accompanied the travellers on all excursions (including any internal flights), providing low-profile and discreet security support throughout, ensuring a team member travelled in advance in order to secure areas and venues
  • Reported back to Rose’s project manager on a regular basis as to the current situation and to receive any additional intelligence or updates
  • Provided a daily security briefing involving any reports or information relevant to the trip
  • Continually mitigated threats and actively avoided unnecessary risk using pre-emptive and dynamic risk assessments

Upon the conclusion of their time in the region, the travellers were accompanied to their departure airport, at which Rose Partners’ security team remained until the travellers’ had safely embarked on their journey home.

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