• Client A government body
  • Year 2020
  • Location United Kingdom
  • Category Infrastructure & Capacity Building, Government, Technology

A UKwide secure government client with legislative powers of investigation and prosecution was suffering from a high case failure rate (<95%) due to a combination of issues relating particularly to the continuity of documentary evidence, which was subject to legal challenge. 

Upoanalysing the situation it became apparent that the client organisation retained a high reliance on paper copies of evidential documents, and that documents could either be lost, or appear mismarked or in the wrong versions once trial disclosure was made. 

Rose Partners consultancy team suggested a solution based on workflow automation, and developing a technology product (the ‘CASE’ handling software), based on electroniconly storage of evidence, along with implementing policy, procedures and training to ensure adoption. 

The product was developed over a number of years through working closely with the various relevant client departments to ensure accurate capture of requirements and effective implementation. Case handling effectiveness using the CASE platform increased to ~90%. 

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