Intelligence-led security risk management

Proactivity is a key factor when it comes to addressing security problems.

Traditional approaches to security have tended to revolve around experiencing an issue and then solving it. On the other hand, intelligence-led security keeps you ahead of the game, enabling action to be taken when new threats appear, before they become significant problems.

With regards to cyber security, you cannot simply put measures in place and hope for the best. Digital threats are consistently evolving and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and damaging. While breaches can have significant legal and financial implications, the potential risk to your organisation’s reputation can be equally destructive.

Adopting an intelligence-led gestione dei rischi per la sicurezza approach will help keep you aware of the ever-changing threats and how to combat them. Real-time analysis of your security measures enables you to identify potential vulnerabilities in your security and allow you to take preventative action before any attackers can capitalise.


Despite best efforts, incidents may occur which halt the progression and growth of a business, bringing it into a crisis scenario. While crises can appear apocalyptic, it is not often the crisis itself which leads to the downfall or, in some cases, the demise of a business. The ability of the business to respond to the crisis and resume normal operations is commonly the defining factor.

The overarching aim for businesses responding to a crisis should be to do so in a way which represents their key values, vision and purpose. This is easier said than done but thorough and proactive planning is required to have any chance at successfully responding to a crisis.

When a crisis hits, it can be easy to let this consume your thoughts and activities as an organisation, to the detriment of your activities which built and grew your business in the first place. While crises can take many forms, effective planning for such an event is, yet again, crucial. Businesses need to be able to determine how they can continue to function and carry out their respective missions in the midst of disruption, irrespective of the cause.


Our subject matter experts help organisations in a variety of industries assess and manage their security risks. Our team will be on-hand to lead or augment client requirements from the review and creation of security procedures through to their implementation. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with a member of the Rose Partners team today.