• Ministry of Interior
  • 2020
  • North Africa
  • Réforme du secteur de la sécurité

Réforme du secteur de la sécurité en Afrique du Nord

Partenaires Rose was tasked with implementing a programme of strategic support to the Ministry of Interior in a region of North Africa.

This long-term project requires us to work closely with the Minister of Interior and senior ministry leadership at all levels across the organisation to assess the structure of policing in the country and provide mentoring, training and ongoing support to implement change.

The project includes a particular focus on creating the right size, right shape, of the organisation based on developing strategies that are fit for purpose and address the needs of a modern-day policing organisation. The first year focussed on the development of a national strategic threat assessment which in turn led to the creation of the following strategies; counterterrorism, the combating of illegal migration including people trafficking (serious and organised crime strategy), a national intelligence strategy and model and the management of the country’s large stockpile of unexploded ordnance including remnants of war. We subsequently build on these strategies by designing a new national police model and a comprehensive change management strategy to deliver, over time, the strategies, the new model and new ways of working.

Réforme du secteur de la sécurité (SSR) is about fundamental change, in this case to a police organisation and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) that it sits within. Community frontline police are the most visible presence of civil security architecture. Rose Partners’ role is to professionalise the police, develop capabilities and capacity, improve the public trust and to improve interoperability, such as getting the police and prosecutors to co-operate.

Other challenges are mainstreaming human rights and gender programmes, coordinating international donors, establishing training centres, introducing professional standards, advancing merit-based leadership programmes, focusing on community policing, investigations and intelligence – and in that order, prioritising recruitment and retention of personnel (especially trainers and female officers) and fighting corruption.

SSR promotes international standards to pursue rights-based policing capable of protecting society. Broadly put, SSR is development, governance and justice designed to prevent conflict. SSR also links security to economic growth (politics) and ultimately, stability. Instability in far-off nations can trigger mass migration and spread terrorism with negative geopolitical consequences around the world.

That is why our work in North Africa is such a vitally important project for both the country and the wider region. Rose Partners have been privileged to work with such an engaged client and this in turn has had an unparalleled impact on both the region’s security actors and general population with our expert delivery of SSR in this complex, post-conflict environment.