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Capacity Building is the process of developing and strengthening the key skills, abilities, processes and resources that organisations and communities need to survive, adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Security sector reform is the process of improving safety through enhancing the effectiveness and accountability of security institutions controlled by civilians and operating according to human rights and the rule of law.

Infrastructure building is the organisation, creation and implementation of basic equipment structures, such as roads, bridges etc. that are needed for a country, region or organisation to function properly.

Operational resilience is the ability to deliver critical operations through disruption. It enables governments and organisations to identify and protect against threats and potential failures, respond and adapt accordingly, recover and learn from these
disruptive events.

Threat and risk assessments are the first step in rick and vulnerability analysis. It involves assessing the threats and risks associated with a particular region, organisation or group and covers a broad range of threats from natural threats (floods, earthquakes etc.), criminal threats (violence against staff, for instance) to terrorist threats and potential accidents.

Operational security is a risk-management process that encourages managers to view operations from the perspective of an adversary in order to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Cyber security refers to the group of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programmes and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access.

Operational risk management is an ongoing process involving risk assessment, risk decision making and the application of risk controls. Operational risk management ensures the acceptance, mitigation and avoidance of risk.

Rose Partners work with multinational and other large organisations, small and medium organisations, international organisations, NGOs and governments across the globe in stable, conflict, fragile and complex environments.

Information security refers to the processes and methodologies which are designed and implemented to protect print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorised access and/or misuse.

It is important to address security for infrastructure projects correctly from the outset in order to optimise the effectiveness of the measures and minimise costs. Our specialists can produce comprehensive operational requirements to guide the production of detailed technical advice and specifications, incorporating relevant building and security standards. We work closely with clients, architects and builders to incorporate security-by-design and other measures and ensure they are fit for purpose.

Our experienced consultants can ensure that organisations’ crisis management plans are fit for purpose and that organisations have the capacity to manage a crisis. We can deploy experienced security personnel at short notice to support clients to manage serious incidents.

Every security risk management task is different. But we work to standards to ensure that risks are managed to the satisfaction of our clients. All risk management tasks involve the carrying out an assessment of risks (see next FAQ); we identify the most appropriate ways to reduce risks – based on our experience, a client’s operations and business objectives; and we take into account the risk appetite or tolerance of our clients.

We follow internationally accepted risk assessment methodologies and identify and assess risks in close consultation with our clients. Risk is a product of identified threats and the vulnerability of assets or business processes to those threats. The degree of risk is determined by an assessment of the likelihood of a threat occurring and its impact. To determine whether a threat exists it is necessary to consider the source of the threat, factors driving or likely to initiate the threat and the capability of the people posing the threat. A vulnerability assessment determines the ability of existing control measures to withstand threat events.

Reputational harm is best prevented than repaired. We assess organisations’ policies, procedures and practices to determine their capacity to protect their personnel and other stakeholders for whom they have a duty of care. We provide support to address shortcomings and ensure that organisations deliver the protection to their stakeholders that is required of them.

We deliver bespoke crisis management training, covering the preparation of crisis management plans through to simulated exercises to test organisational

We can provide person-to-person security training in classroom environments or develop customised online security training courses with tools to audit compliance. Our trainers are all experienced across the security spectrum, including policy and planning, travel security, situational awareness and crisis management.

We carry out assessments of client travel security and medical policies and procedures against best practice and we provide advice to help implement appropriate organisation practices to ensure that travellers are provided with risk advice before and during travel, appropriate security and medical support is provided and traveller whereabouts can be monitored.

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure that the personnel for whom they have a duty of care understand the risks in the locations they travel to. We can develop bespoke in-house online security awareness training and advice for company intranets and we can provide customised classroom training.

We have a wealth of experience providing security for private residences, both in stable countries and in high-risk, conflict environments. Our skilled consultants will assess risks to determine a client’s security requirements and our qualified civil and technical engineers provide advice and support to ensure that locks and lights, fences and gates, video surveillance and alarms meet client requirements. We can also provide security guards.

We provide the full range of security services to support every type of event, including annual general meetings of companies, events surrounding major sporting tournaments and private gatherings involving high-profile individuals. We offer event risk assessment services, preparation of security plans and experienced, discrete security personnel providing static and close protection services.

We have a pool of political risk specialists and can provide detailed assessments of political risks ranging from local community issues affecting projects to broad political risks at the national level, including the impact of sanctions. Our experienced consultants have worked with governments, businesses and international organisations at the highest level and provide practical support to manage political risks.

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