Rose Partners Guide To Entering Post-Conflict Zones & Fragile Environments

Fragile or post-conflict environments are regions that have experienced large-scale forms of violence, often civil war, that have inflicted heavy human and material costs. 

Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq are examples of fragile or post-conflict states. In nations such as these, a lack of capacity of state institutions to deliver services to their citizens, including inability to impose law and order, can be identified. They can also be characterised by corruption, instability as well as a lack of trust in the authorities. Significant distrust and hostility between communities is often seen as a result. 

Due to the considerable scale of international support required to deliver stability through reconstruction, these regions can present significant business opportunities. However, they also present a complex degree of risks which organisations will need to be thoroughly aware of – and know how to alleviate – if they are to do business there.  

From the high rate of crime and risk of terrorism, through to poor infrastructure and disenfranchised local communities, each region has unique issues to mitigate against. We outline these risks and discuss how they can be mitigated against in our free eBook: Factors to consider before entering fragile or post-conflict environments. 

Calling on the Rose Partners team’s wealth of experience and expertise in delivering capacity and capability development solutions, this eBook provides expert insight into the ways in which organisations can counter a wide array of risks.  

You can download this eBook for free by clicking here and entering your email address. 

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