In the last 24hrs international media outlets have been reporting extensively about the Pegasus Spyware investigation. The media is reporting that rights activists, journalists and lawyers around the world have been targeted with phone malware sold to authoritarian governments by an Israeli surveillance firm.

Pegasus is a form of malware that is designed to infect mobile devices. Originally developed by NSO (an Israeli technology firm), the software has been sold to foreign governments in order to monitor the phone activity of its targets. Through a simple text message, or WhatsApp call the malware can infect a phone. Harnessing zero-day vulnerabilities (security holes in the code of the software on phones that the manufacturers don’t know about yet) the malware, once installed is able to remotely control and manage your phone. It can turn the microphone on, download all of your data and information and access your location information. Essentially, it has access to everything you do on the phone. And it’s not easily detected.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Deleting all of the apps on your phone that you don’t need is a good start. Essentially, any app on the phone can be exploited. And make sure all apps and the core iPhone/android software is always fully up to date. If you have a fleet of phones used in your company, setting up an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution can help. Through this management software, you are able to restrict the apps that can be downloaded from the App and Play Stores.

And then finally, you have software on your computers and servers to protect against malware and viruses, so why wouldn’t you do the same on your phones? There are antivirus tools that you can run on your phones that will detect and eradicate most malware. But these are unlikely to detect Pegasus Spyware. Ideally, you would have a proactive MDR (manage, detect and respond) solution deployed on all of your devices, from PCs to mobile phones. These solutions are monitored 24 x 7 from our SOC (Security Operations Centre) for any malware or security breach and are immediately investigated and correctly addressed.

Previously these solutions have only been accessible to enterprise-sized clients, however Rose Partners is now offering a comprehensive visibility and aggregated threat detection solution to all clients which ensures your data and information remains secure. Our scalable solutions seek to address the needs of the SME / family house / HNW clients, through to larger organisations who need a more managed solution. Rose Partners has long been at the leading edge of securing our clients, both virtually and physically. We understand the absolute need to protect what’s important to you and ensuring your data remains secure is our primary objective.

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