Almost every organisation is driven by growth. For businesses, this can involve taking on more clients, winning bigger contracts or selling more products while non-profits may want to carry out their mission on a wider scale, but still be sustainable and successful.

Growth comes in many different forms but in order to facilitate any kind of growth, your organisation needs to have the necessary infrastructure and resources in place, allowing it to run effectively and efficiently. This is known as capacity building.


Growth of any organisation inevitably leads to increased workload. Naturally, leaders will look to recruit to accommodate this additional load. It is imperative that a strategy is in place for these activities, so you are aware of the type of person you need to bring on board and an approximate timescale of when you will need to do so.

While recruitment is important, you should not overlook the team you have with you already. Not only does your organisation have the capacity to grow, the individuals within it do too, and your employees’ professional development will in turn benefit the organisation.


You should make sure that everything you need for your organisation to operate are scalable and sufficient. All your equipment, for example, should be up to standard. This could include computers and IT software, as well as office supplies and equipment that is essential to the services you provide. Ensuring this will enable you to work to the best of your ability at a bigger scale.

This also applies to your organisation’s facilities, both the workplaces and service locations. It is important that these can facilitate your increasing infrastructure, as well as being conducive to a productive working environment.

At Rose Partners, we’re proud to work on large-scale infrastructure projects from the creation of roads and highways to constructing hospitals. Our experience and expertise enable us to foresee potential problems and we’re proud to facilitate infrastructure projects being delivered on time.


Capacity building generally begins with the top-level management. It’s these senior managers who will offer ideas for innovation and opportunities for expansion and be responsible for heading the staff, infrastructure and capacity-building factors above.

Capacity building means change, and change can be a challenging situation for different people among your team, emphasising the need for a strong leadership structure. In this situation, business decision makers should act as leaders rather than managers. It is not simply the job of leaders to make changes – the responsibility lies with everyone, meaning that the wider team needs to buy in. As such, leaders should identify individuals with growth potential before engaging and encouraging them to become effective contributors when it comes to capacity building.

Potential changes to leadership structure should also be a consideration when it comes to capacity building. As an organisation grows, takes on more staff and acquires new facilities and equipment, the complexities increase. As such, more management is required, meaning you should consider areas such as leadership and board development, as well as succession planning.

If you need support in capacity and infrastructure building, speak to a member of the Rose Partners team today.

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