In early 2020, at the request of the then Minister of Interior for Libya, His Excellency Fathi Bashagha, Rose Partners began to work in partnership with the ministry to define an ambitious programme of security sector reform to help Libya and its people accelerate progress after years of turmoil.

The minister’s vision was for a safe, secure Libya in which peace and prosperity could flourish. The minister placed the safety and security of Libya’s people and infrastructure at the centre of this vision and recognised that reform of the Libyan Police and the MoI are key requirements.

In May 2020, Rose Partners agreed to undertake a 12-month programme to understand, design and deliver organisational reform for the MoI. Rose Partners quickly assembled a team of up to 70 world-class experts and, with support from the MoI, was able, despite a global pandemic and ongoing hostilities, to begin working with MoI colleagues in Libya from June 2020.

Since June, Rose Partners has worked with the MoI to understand how the MoI operates and what challenges it faces. Also to design new ways of operating, which will become the foundations of long-term reform, and deliver a programme of training alongside a suite of written strategies as the blueprints for the changes needed to deliver a modern, world-class police force.

In the last 10 months, Rose Partners and the MoI have made incredible progress. The understand phase was undertaken at pace and, with the Minister and MoI leaders, the design of new structures and strategies and delivery of extensive training started within a few weeks of Rose Partners arriving in Libya. This work has set the MoI on a path towards reform and demonstrated to the world Libya’s long-term commitment to safety and security. The MoI has taken the bold initial steps on a long road and Rose Partners are proud to be sharing this journey.

Rose Partners work with the MoI in Libya

From May 2020 to May 2021 Rose Partners were contracted to deliver:

  • Counter Terrorism Strategy
  • Serious Crime Strategy, incorporating a Counter Illegal Migration Strategy
  • National Intelligence Strategy
  • Comprehensive Training Strategy and Programme
  • Strategic Threat Assessment

In consultation with the MoI, Rose Partners have also agreed to deliver the following extra objectives by May 2021:

  • Design of the future National Police Structure
  • Design and delivery of a Command, Control and Intelligence pilot programme for Police Control Rooms
  • Leadership Programme for 50 senior and mid-ranking MoI leaders
  • Design and delivery of a Supreme Security Room for strategic oversight of priorities and crisis management
  • Design of the Libyan Internal Intelligence Agency
  • Change Management and Mentoring Programme
  • Surveillance Training
  • Strategic review of Explosive Ordnance Detection capability and capacity

Since May 2020 Rose Partners has delivered 68 courses to more than 800 students, covering 12 subjects across an accumulated 50,000 training days. Importantly, the team have been delivering on a diversity and inclusion mandate. As example of this is the first Rose Partners MoI leadership course which had over 40% female representation. This has been championed, supported and celebrated across both the MoI and several key international organisations.

This valuable work is already helping to transform policing in Libya and its extension beyond May 2021 will ensure continued progress towards greater safety and security, improved community confidence, foreign investment and thus prosperity for the people of Libya over many years to come.

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