Armed Forces Covenant

Rose Partners is proud to be a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant and we are committed to supporting veterans and their families.

The Covenant is the nation’s vow to support those who proudly serve, or have served, in the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom.

As signatories, we will actively support the Armed Forces Covenant’s pledge to acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities they have served.

‘Two of the three founders of Rose Partners are veterans and the third has supported the Armed Forces community tirelessly,’ explains Founding Partner, Nick Kitson. ‘Rose Partners’ services are heavily dependent on the unrivalled talent and experience drawn from former members of the UK Armed Services, as well as of the Police and other government agencies.

‘Service to our nation and the values it has instilled are in our DNA and make us proud to support the Armed Forces Covenant and everything it stands for. It is our duty, our honour and our pleasure to help this community wherever we can, to give back to the institutions which made us what we are and to support those who have trodden the same paths we have.’

The covenant aims to ensure that all members of the Armed Forces community receive access to the same government and commercial services as any other citizen of theUnited Kingdom, including education and family wellbeing, having a home and starting a new career. It also ensures access to healthcare, financial assistance and discounted services.

As part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, we will continue to develop partnerships with organisations who work with and support the Armed Forces Community. Rose Partners will always support opportunities that help those who currently serve, and their families, to access the help they need, including transition out of the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces Covenant is overseen by the Ministerial Covenant and Veterans Board and is supported by the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force alongside UK business, local government, charities and communities.

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